I’m the girl that talks to you while you’re at work, bouncing out of class, on your way to lunch, or maybe you slept in and I’m the 1st voice you hear, LOL!

    My goal is to help you get through your workday so if you need some midday motivation, someone to vent to about your coworkers or significant other, I’ve got you and I promise I’ll always be on your side!

    People often tell me I remind them of Kelly Clarkson and that is such a humbling compliment! I’m a curvy, fun loving (can be messy if I’m being honest) Sagittarius. I’m a fire sign so I love anything creative that allows me to explore, challenge and learn something new!

    I’m an animal activist who enjoys partnering/volunteering at animal shelters (shout out to my cat, Domino).

    When I’m not at work I’m checking out a new restaurant, watching crime documentaries or trying to be a better adult and actually get all the necessities done (I’ll admit it, I tend to procrastinate).

    Connect with me on social media especially if your pet has an IG!


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    Carly Pearce Is The Next Girl To Be A Member of the Grand Ole Opry!

    Carly Pearce Is The Next Girl To Be A Member of the Grand Ole Opry!

    Oh, that Opry and their sneaky ways to invite people to be members. Carly Pearce has made no secret of her love of the Grand Ole Opry “It’s been the greatest love of my life since I was a young girl listening with my grandparents. All of the greatest writers, legends and pioneers have been on…More