Broadway was born and raised right here in Michigan.  The youngest of four, he graduated from Kenowa Hills High School in Grand Rapids, just outside his home city of Marne.  He got the bug for broadcasting after a stint as a board operator for a minor league baseball team.

Broadway has been a country music DJ since 2006.  His success has taken him across the country, with gigs in Miami, Hartford, and Pittsburgh, to name a few.  In 2019, Broadway returned to Michigan to bring his “Electric Barnyard” program to New Country 93.1.  Beyond the fun features and top hits, listeners enjoy his unconventional, fun and funny interviews featuring some of country’s biggest stars. 

When not at the station, Broadway enjoys marathon running, astronomy (he’s a bit of a space geek), and grilling and smoking meats.  He also loves being a Dad, and spends as much time as he can with his wife, Jamie, and their two kids, Peyton and Finley


Roxanne made her way to the Great Lakes State all the way from sunny Los Angeles, California where she was the youngest of four siblings. She married an amazing man, who is from here in Michigan and they stuck around to raise their two beautiful daughters here!

Roxanne had been dreaming of being in the entertainment industry at a very early age. She started her journey in radio when she was a senior in high school, continued at the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Huntington Beach, CA. and has been thriving in the business for over 20 years now! Roxanne always knew she loved music, people, and of course chatting up a storm…therefore radio was her ticket!

When she’s not on the air you can find Roxanne cooking, doing make-up, yoga, running, writing, having a nice night in with the family, or grabbing dinner and drinks with some friends. Roxanne and the family are on to their next exciting chapter in life, building their forever home!

Accompanying Roxanne, her husband, and her two daughters, are their two cats who just so happen to be sister themselves, Clara and Cali. Along with their rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix puppy named Marvel!




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New Country 93.1’s Broadway is bringing his love of beer to you!  Join him the first Friday of every month as he catches up with the brew masters at Brew Detroit to spotlight some truly remarkable craft beers made right here in the Motor City.  Come back to for the monthly episodes or subscribe…MORE


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